Earth & Harvest season


A season often missed by us in the west is the transitory phase between Summer and Autumn.  The Chinese see this as a whole separate season.  It makes sense once you have a look at the feeling at these times of year - for example the heat of the summer felt across the months July and August is a very different type of heat to that in September.  The burning, revealing summer sun is replaced by the ripe and balmy atmosphere we associate with Harvest time.  The trees are laden heavy with fruit, and the ground is warm and generous from the months of continual heat.  Life moves slowly, the frenzy and excitement that has led the way through Spring and Summer gives way to a lazier and more satisfied pace.  It's from the abundance of life given to us in this season that we are able to feel grounded and stable in the world we find around us.   



Earth is the Mother of Metal

Earth is the child of Fire