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Today, many of us acknowledge that there are things in our lives we would like to change, be they our:

  • worrying health concerns such as IBS, insomnia, fatigue, irregular periods etc.

  • mental issues that we'd like to understand such as depression, stress and anxiety

  • or unprocessed emotional imbalances we'd like more control over

There is a bewildering selection of solutions and remedies on offer - but nothing ever seems to quite hit the spot of restoring the balance and calm required to embrace life and all its challenges.  Five Element Acupuncture, which stems from ancient daoism, balances your physical, mental and emotional energy and so enables you to be the best you can be, with new perspectives on your life and the world around you, and the ability to move in any direction you want.


start a new chapter of your life by finding your unique natural rhythm and reaching your full potential 


To book, or if you have any questions and would like to discuss Five Element Acupuncture further, please get in touch through the form at the bottom of the page..


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The Elements


We're all made up of the five elements, take a look at the links below to explore how they exist within each of us and influence our lives.



Treatments and Prices

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Reaching and maintaining a stable level of balance takes time and requires commitment from both the patient and practitioner.

Patients are advised to come every two weeks for the first two months, progressing to longer intervals in between sessions until they are only seen around five times a year. However, individual cases vary, and in most cases the patient finds their own rhythm with treatment.


Initial Consultation & Treatment | 2-3 hours | £75

This session is designed to introduce and ease you into acupuncture as a therapy. It starts with an hour of conversation where Grace can get to grips with your main issues and understand where you are both mentally and physically. This is followed by a simple clearing treatment that leaves us with a clean slate for followup treatments to build on. 

Regular Treatment | 1 hour | £50

Treatment is designed to each individual and their physical and mental needs. The aim is to reach a place where we can access our full potential through balance.   FEA can help you break out of pathological cycles, and be who you want to be.  These sessions start with time for feedback and development, followed by your tailor-made treatment. 

Top-up Treatment | 30 mins | £35

It is quite common that as treatment progresses, some patients want to come in more regularly for a quick boost.  Alternatively, others want to come in for reassurance that everything is running smoothly and as it should be.  For these situations we offer top up sessions, often available at short-notice, between regular treatments. 



I can go in to a session with Grace bringing all my anxieties or frustrations or whatever emotions I’m feeling that day, and I come out feeling incredibly calm and balanced. Grace is very supportive and determined to help elicit this change, and is personally interested in your story and your progress. I can’t imagine my life without it!
— Caitlin Scott
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I arrived in Grace’s hands for my first session of acupuncture an anxious wreck - nervous at the thought of the needles, scared to divulge all in my first ever therapy session and with wobbly mental health in general. I left feeling on top of the world. Over the past few months, my whole perspective on life has shifted and so many things have improved for me, both mentally and physically.

Each session with Grace is a joy - she is caring and gentle, understanding and non-judgmental and I trust her implicitly. Plus the needles really aren’t that bad!
— Nina Eadie
Grace is an absolute dream to have as your acupuncturist. I always feel incredibly comfortable, reassured, relaxed and like she is giving you 110% of her attention. She is never anywhere but with you throughout the whole process. She is careful, thoughtful and wise and also acts as an amazing counsellor! I couldn’t recommend her more.
— Angharad George-Carey
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Having never considered myself a believer in Chinese medicine, I can honestly say that my experience with Grace has transformed me into a avid advocate of five-element acupuncture. I was initially passed onto Grace by a friend for the purpose of fixing my long-term fatigue and lethargy, however over time I have found it surprisingly helpful with a variety of physical, mental and personal problems - most notably sleep and anxiety issues. I can honestly say my general well-being and mental state has never been better.
— Anthony Lehane
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CONTACt & booking


Grace established The Elements Project alongside Georgie Ireland in April 2019. To book a session with her please go through The Elements Project website.

Grace trained in 2016 as an apprentice under Gerad Kite, the UK's leading Five Element practitioner. She is fully insured and adheres to the highest standards of care and professional conduct.

Illustrations by the fantastic Tais Bean. Other works and contact details can be found through her website here.


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insights & Recommendations

See below for regularly updated items to read, watch and ponder on! 



A film by Kristin Olafsdottir & Hrund Gunnsteindottir


An interesting exploration into the future of humankind as we take ourselves outside of our bodies and into the mind. Olafsdottir and Gunnsteindottir examine the importance of connecting with your gut instinct and how in this world of logic and reasoning we have taken ourselves far away from this most natural practice. The documentary interviews lots of renowned thinkers and cultural leaders from across the globe, offering a diverse and rich collection of ideas to get you thinking!

JR Worsley - The Causative Factor

JR Worsely is the man responsible for bringing the practice of FEA from the East to the West. We owe him everything we know! This short video shows JR explaining the theory of the five elements. 

Everything You Need You Have

Gerad Kite, 2016

Gerad Kite's book 'Everything You Need You Have', introduces the reader to the basic principles of Five Element Acupuncture and the ancient Chinese philosophies in which it is grounded. It's an excellent book to get you to grips with how we exist as part of this world and the cycles that determine it rather than just living on and separate to the planet. In the book, Kite brings to light that we already have all we need to be content and at peace, the issue is that we've forgotten how to access it. Read this if your interested in how to open up that part of you!

His Dark Materials

Philip Pullman, 1995


A childhood favourite and an absolute must if you've never read! In this trilogy Pullman transports you to places full of life, possibility and plenty of heresy - not unlike our own. I've posted this here as much in this book has associations with the acupuncture practice.  I see similarities between the Pullmans description of the meditative state Lyra goes into when reading the alethiometer is just the way that the acupuncturist must focus in the treatment room. The reading of the alethiometer is also just like the reading of the acupuncture points and Lyra's dust speak volumes about the 'energy' acupuncturists work with. 


The Wisdom of Insecurity 

Alan Watts, 1951

It's incredible that this book was written so long ago and is still so applicable to our current lives - I wouldn't have been surprised if it was written a few years ago! Watts did a fantastic job of bringing the teachings of the East over to the West and much like J R Worsley, has been a guiding light for those interested in far eastern medicine. This is a fascinating read and with many complex concepts that strangely, when you engage with them you realise you've kind of known all along. If you want something to take you deep into why we are the way we are and to understand the world we live in through a totally new, yet strangely familiar lens then this is the book for you! (It's best taken slowly if you want any chance of it being absorbed...)

Birth Control Your Own Adventure

Sindha Agha, The New York Times, 2018

This short video highlights the scary reality of the effects many contraceptions have on women. Don't we all agree that in an ideal world we'd be in control of our body whilst also not having to take any medication? The thing is, just because we don't think there are any side effects doesn't mean they aren't there - just like the girl in the video who spent years on the pill, which, unbeknownst to her, was curbing her creativity, drive and ambition. So for those who don't need to be on intrusive forms of contraception then why are you? See the link to the natural cycles website in one of the posts below for an alternative. Theres no harm in trying right?  


A contraception that abides by the natural laws! Whats not to like? Proven to be as effective as the pill - its well worth trying out.